Xbox Press Conference 2019 - All The Biggest Reveals, Moments and Memes!

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We were there for the Xbox press conference 2019, and we have some mixed feelings. Let's talk it out.

Note: Microsoft payed for our flights and accommodation for this trip.


Our E3 Coverage:

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order


Bungie's Bombshell Announcements Will Change The Game Forever, But Is It All Good News ?

The Laymen Review X-Men Dark Phoenix

'We Were Expecting Low Metacritic Scores' Says Todd Howard In Shock Fallout 76 Interview

Anthem's Newest Content Won't Save The Game Because Nothing Can

Why Not Everyone Agrees That 'Gaming' Should Be Labelled A Mental Health Risk...

Laymen Gaming Weekly News Dump - Sat 25th May, 2019

George R.R. Martin Hints He May Be Working On Next Game From Dark Souls Creators

It's Been 15 Straight Years of CoD- Maybe Give It A Rest ?

The Laymen React To The Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers)

The Laymen Review Rage 2 - Bethesda Blacklist Edition!

Crowdfunded Game Betrays Community Backers In Favor Of Epic Dollars

Remember When Battlefield V Released A Battle Royale? Neither Do We.

The Laymen Review John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

Bethesda Dunks Game Journalist, But Was It Really A Joke?

EA Blames Everything But The Game To Explain Anthem's Failure

The Laymen Review Pokemon Detective Pikachu (No Spoilers)
US Senator Proposes Law To Ban Lootboxes & Pay-To-Win

Claptrap's Voice Actor Says Randy Pitchford Assaulted Him In Hotel Lobby

New Star Citizen Drama Makes It Look Like A Shady Ponzi Scheme....

Randy Tweeted Us About Claptrap Pay Dispute

Rocket League Review Bombed After Epic Buys Developer (BONUS SONIC MEMES)

Politics, Bewbies & Microtransactions- Fans Rage At Mortal Kombat 11

The Laymen Review Days Gone (Spoiler - We Kinda Liked It)

You WILL Cry Nerd-Tears-Of-Joy During Avengers Endgame (Review)

The Laymen Review Mortal Kombat 11

IGN Guy FINALLY Owns Up To Plagiarism - But Is It Too Late?

Kotaku Goes 'Full Kotaku' With Massive Persona 5 Blunder

Sony Releases Official PS5 Hardware Info- Backwards Compatible!

A New Hope - New EA Star Wars Game Might Not Suck!

Bioware Double Down On Anthem Fail With Rebooted 'Live Service' Dragon Age 4

Negative Reviews, Piracy and Boycotts: Epic Still Doesn't Care

When You Want To Write About Politics But Your Editor Says No, This Happens...

What Happens When a Filthy Casual Reviews Sekiro?

We're Disappointed That The Division 2 Isn't Broken Garbage (Review)

Epic Claims Outer Worlds As Exclusive, And Steam Users Are Angry AF

Google Reveals New Gaming Platform And Controller (RIP Australian Internet)

The Laymen Play (And Man-Splain) The Division 2

Will Borderlands 3 Even Make It To Steam, Or Will Epic Claim Another Exclusive Prize?

The Anthem Community Have FINALLY Had Enough!

The Laymen Review Captain Marvel (Gruff White Male Edition)

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