Wizard101: MAX LEVEL MYTH PvP (130): The INSTANT Weaver!

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Fastest weaver in the west! The man had his mouse HOVERED over weaver when he saw that I didn't shield first round like a sane person, gotta love Ice. Hope you guys enjoy these good matches!

Wizard101 PvP is a lot of fun at max level, even with all the RNG from shads and Myth is really cool because you can play pretty well with a high resist ward setup and also do well with a glass cannon setup. I used both in this video at max level and I enjoy both play styles, even though I feel more comfortable with glass cannon in this meta. Can't wait to upload more wizard101 PvP max level myth videos!

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Thumbnail made by Brianna
Video edited by Nyscu

Outro Song: "Better Days" by LAKEY INSPIRED

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