Wizard101: MAX LEVEL FIRE PvP (130): This Setup is CRAZY!

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I LOVE using this setup in ranked PvP! When the maycast pops off its even better but you don't have to rely on it at all, just think of it as a free bonus to your gear setup. With fire it lets you use different gear combos and I've even started packing blades to compliment this play style!

Max level fire PvP in Wizard101 is a lot of fun if you switch up your strategies, gear setup, and deck build. You can do a lot of really cool combos and I love experimenting and trying new things out. Especially when they are unique or unorthodox! The fire elf strategy for fire works really well too at max level because you can create so much value with a 2 pip dot and it does a TON of damage. Fire elf is an extremely powerful card and you should always pack at least one in your main deck even if you're like me and hate packing main deck enchants.

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