Wizard101: MAX LEVEL FIRE PvP (130): Kroger Card Giveaway!!

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To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is subscribe and leave a comment on this video and you will be automatically entered! The winner will be announced sometime this weekend.

Thank you to everybody that has supported my Youtube channel one way or another. I love creating content for you guys and interacting with the community and I'm gonna continue to upload daily Wizard101 PvP videos and stream every single day so expect the content to keep coming!

Max Fire in PvP in the current wiz meta is absolutely BUSTED! Fire completely dominates every single match up except for people that run ward (typically 75% resist or more) and of course ice. Fire is a lot of fun to play if you switch up your strategies and gear setups.

I love using the chi-focus kroger card jewel because it opens the door to other combos that wouldn't have been viable before. The unbreakable power pip jewel alone is pretty nice and is definitely worth using in exchange for 6% damage in some cases, assuming that you unsocket pain or school giver. On my fire, it allows me to get more reliable pips, and on top of that I get slightly more crtical, resist, health, and accuracy in exchange for only 4% damage. So overall I really like this new setup, and the maycast is really good. The only downside about the maycast is that the cast rate is very low from what I've seen, but if you think of it as a free bonus talent and not as part of your strategy, it is a nice addition to your setup and lets you play with different gear combos which I love doing!

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