Wizard101: 2K RANK EXALTED ICE PvP (100): The Fire Slayer!

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Max fires are so difficult to play against at exalted because of the MASSIVE stat difference. Everybody that I go against in ranked PvP has more health than me, (fires and storms included) significantly more damage and pierce, and often times the same resist. Its really hard to compete in this meta as an exalt but I've been testing out new strategies and this new play-style has been working really well for me!

My strategy is basically to not give them value by shielding unless I absolutely have to. I try to save pips as much as possible and just blade every turn I have free until I can go for the shrike safely. Waiting for them to shrike and countering it into your own shrike works really well too which you'll see in this video!

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Outro Song: "Better Days" by LAKEY INSPIRED

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