Top 10 Dragon Prince Moments Worthy of Avatar The Last Airbender

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The Dragon Prince fans are awaiting season 4 and in the meantime I thought I'd make a video on the show considering I had just recently finished watching it on Netflix. This show was created by many of the creators on Avatar The Last Airbender and so this video will go over the top 10 moments in the dragon prince that make it worthy of Avatar. Especially to those who were fans of Avatar. These characters, Callum, Ezran, Claudia, Sorren, and Viren, are close to being as loved as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko by me. Hopefully the show keeps going in the direction it's going. If it does. We are in for a treat.

This channel is about anything fantasy, so if you're interested, it'd be great if you subscribed. More videos on Dragon Prince coming. Maybe some on Avatar and I have plans for a few on The Way of Kings, the first book in the Stormlight Archive, too. This channel is going in a new direction and I hope it goes well. Assassin's Creed is fantasy ;)

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