SpaceX Crew Dragon Is the Most Anticipated Launch of the Year

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SpaceX is about to launch its Crew Dragon, and is making history by bringing back human spaceflight to soil.
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SpaceX’s Demo-2 is just days away from launching and we are on the verge of a historic event in human space flight because for the first time ever SpaceX, a privately owned company, will ferry two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

The two astronauts will be aboard the Crew Dragon, a state of the art, completely autonomous vehicle that will launch on one of the reusable Falcon 9 rockets.

Demo-2 is a huge mission, it is the final demonstration flight for SpaceX, and the result could make or break if the new era of human spaceflight can be brought back to the United States.

Find out more about the Demo-2 launch in this Countdown to Launch.

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The Race to Get SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Off the Ground | Countdown to Launch

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Commercial Crew Program

"NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is working with the American aerospace industry as companies develop and operate a new generation of spacecraft and launch systems capable of
carrying crews to low-Earth orbit and the International Space Station. Commercial transportation to and from the station will provide expanded utility, additional research time and broader
opportunities for discovery on the orbiting laboratory. "

Launch America

"A new era of human spaceflight is set to begin as American astronauts once again launch on an American rocket from American soil to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program."

SpaceX to Bring Crew to Short-Staffed Space Station for Longer Stay

"Two NASA astronauts will now stay for more than a month and not two weeks during their first flight aboard the Crew Dragon capsule."

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