PEGGLE Walkthrough Dragon Lord Cinderbottom Games for Kids Master 9 Xbox One Gameplay

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Family gameplay/playthrough of Peggle. I play the game with my wife and 2 kids (4 and 6) as Family Game Night. Enjoy:) Peggle walkthrough includes all levels in master stage, missions in adventure mode, achievements and multiplayer. In the ninth part we try to finish stage with master Dragon Lord Cinderbottom . All master gives you 5 missions to complete. Pls keep positive, safe, family-friendly environment in the comments on my videos.Thank you for helping to keep it clean for.

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Peggle is the first installment of the Peggle series. In the game, you are being taught by 10 Peggle Masters, each with their own Magic Powers and advice to help you out. There are 4 different game modes: Adventure, Quick Play, Duel, and Challenge. Bjorn is the head of the Peggle Institute, and is the first Peggle Master you meet. PopCap Games also are creators of Bejeweld, Plants vs Zombie and Zuma.

Every five levels in the Adventure mode correspond to playing with one of ten "Peggle Masters", cartoon characters that help the player. Each of the Peggle Masters has a unique special ability that is activated when the player strikes one of the two randomly selected green pegs on the board. Some abilities activate immediately; one ability causes a second ball to be generated from the green peg when struck. Other abilities will have effects that activate on the next shot or for several more shots; one ability shows the ball's path including rebounds, while another will extend the length of the ball catcher. In the final five levels of the Adventure mode, called "Master" levels, the player can select which of the Peggle Masters they want to use.

Lord Cinderbottom is a Wyvern who wishes to become a firefighter, as shown in Peggle Nights. He is one of the more peaceful species of dragons, a wyvern to be specific.

Lord Cinderbottom's Fireball has the ability to burn through Pegs, making them dissapear altogether. Before launching one of these miniature suns the Free Ball Bucket will be blocked by a metal dome, as so to allow the fireball to bounce about and hit more pegs. This effect is similar to the barrier employed by Claude , however it does not react to the player directly. Under the flaming inferno of Lord Cinderbottom's firebreath it will melt away the barrier on the first bounce, allowing the Fireball to go in on the second one. This gives the player a free ball, and 25,000 Style points. As with all powers, you can get a bonus for hitting two green pegs in one shot. In Lord Cinderbottom's case, this is known as "Great balls of Fire".

Lord Levels:
The Love Moat
Doom With a Wiew
9 Luft Balloons
Twisted Sisters

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