Omni-Elemental HEROES | Elemental HERO Deck | Lords of Shining [ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ]

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Omni-Elemental HEROES | Elemental HERO Deck | Lords of Shining [ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ]

Duel start at 1:13

I will only explain the second deck. Assuming you have all 5 Omni Heroes and you bought Blazeman and Neos fusion structure deck just once. Blazeman really important for this deck, you certainly know why Blazeman is core card for this deck. As you can see in second deck i play 3 Neos, 2 Clayman and 1 Avian. They are not just for fusion material to special summon Omni Heroes but you can use them to special summon Grandmerge. You know what i mean, what i mean is since you only run 1 Miracle Fusion you better to use Grandmerge effect wisely. Use Grandmerge effect to special summon Omni Heroes. Even though their effect will not be activated because you doesn't special summon them by performing fusion summon like Gaia and Tornado. But few of them have 2 effect like Escuridao, and The Shinning. You can replace some cards for backrow removal or other cards.

Deck 1 :
Deck shared! #DuelLinks

Deck 2 :
Deck shared! #DuelLinks


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