Neverwinter Nights Kama Strong Monk Build

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Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In today's Neverwinter Nights build, I am doing the Kama Strong Monk Build. Your asking why a monk using Kama. Well Monks get an bonus with Kama just like thier unarmed attacks and believe me Kama are really strong and wrong in a monk's hands. Especially if you dual wield both of them. This build will wreck foes to pieces. Even in the campaigns Monks are oped there. As always like, comment and Subscribe to my channel for more Neverwinter Nights builds like this.


Intro - 0:05
Race - 0:51
Class - 1:00
Alignment (Hint pick Lawful Neutral) - 1:16
Abilities - 1:27
Skill and Feats - 1:44
Final Character Creation Advice - 2:27

Level 2 to 7 (Fighter Level 1 to 6) - 3:25
Level 8 (Monk 2) - 4:48
Level 9 (Fighter Level 7) - 5:14
Level 10 to 12 (Monk 3 to 5) - 5:26
Level 13 to 19 (Weapon Master 1 to 7) - 6:12
Level 20 (Monk Level 6 ) - 7:22
Level 21 (Fighter Level 8) - 7:41

NOTE: On the last feat level you can go offense with Epic Prowness and Armor Skin or Armor Skin than more HP up to you all on that.

Level 22 to 40 (Monk 7 to 25) - 7:56

Equipment and Prep - 12:26
Unbuffed Demo - 13:40
Buffed Demo - 14:49

That is it for my Kama Strong Monk Build. Your quick, deadly and well just say foes dies fast very fast.

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Here is all my builds playlist:


This was filmed with Nvida's Shadow Play on my PC!

#NeverwinterNights #NWN #DnD

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