MOROS WISH REVEALED! Moros Army Vs Goku And Vegeta! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 50 Review

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 50 reveals Moro Vs Goku, Moro Vs Vegeta And Moro Vs The Grand Supreme Kai above New Planet Namek as Moro is taking Nameks energy and getting even stronger than before! Moros wish has been revealed as he wished for his prisoner friends to be set free! With both Goku And Vegeta struggling to use Super Saiyan Blue against Moro, Moro continuously drains everyone's energy as he is getting stronger! Vegeta demands to go to Planet Yardrat but for what? How will Goku and Vegeta survive? Will we see a Majin Buu Vs Moro Rematch at some point? Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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