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Lothlórien | Chapter 6 of The Fellowship of the Ring audiobook - BOOK 2 | Volume 1 (Part 2) of The Lord of the Rings audiobook | narrated by Steven Garnett of Red Fox Voice | written by Tolkien (1954) | musical interludes "Age of Men" by Jo Wandrini (licensed through )

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The fate of Balin is now known, but what happened to the doomed expedition to reclaim The Mines of Moria? What of Durin's Bane? The Company must trust in the wisdom and strength of Gandalf to lead them out of the darkness and into the light.

- What an adventure this is turning out to be!

This chapter is quite a short one by current LOTR standards, but action-packed and absolutely pivotal to the rest of the story, therefore I was very anxious to get this one right.

I am less confident with very intense scenes or a lot of "action" sequences, as it is quite tricky to get the pacing and feeling right - not too theatrical but dramatic, suspenseful and hopefully a little nail-biting!

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Next up will be: Chapter 6 - Lothlórien

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My purpose is to soothe, entertain, calm and generally provide relaxation to anyone. I believe that a bed-time story should not just be for children, and I hope that at heart at least we all remain as children; learning and enjoying the world with an open-mind and a kind aura. Listening to someone read can for myself be a wonderful experience, lulling me in to a sense of calm and security, and removing distractions or troubles in a moment.

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