LIVE only 3 miles away from SpaceX and NASA launching humans to space for the first time!

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I'm just 3 miles (5 km) away from the DM-2 launch! Dragon 2, also known as Crew Dragon, is the first private spacecraft that can carry a crew into low-Earth orbit. Following the successes of Demonstration Mission 1 (DM-1) and the In-Flight Abort test missions, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) is preparing for the DM-2 mission scheduled for May 27, 2020. NASA astronauts Douglas G. Hurley and Robert L. Behnken will launch to the International Space Station (ISS) on top of a brand new Falcon 9 rocket () in their Crew Dragon (C206) spacecraft. The spacecraft and rocket are in Florida and undergoing final tests and integration.

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