Let's Play Dark Souls Remastered Part 2 | Steam | Achievements 4/41 | Sorcerer/Melee Hybrid Build

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Welcome to part one of my Let’s Play. The game? Dark Souls Remastered. The platform? Steam. The goal? Well, to just play through the entire thing without dying horribly too often. I am not a noob, but am also not, by any stretch of the imagination, an amazing player. I will die. Lots. But I also plan to get all of the achievements. And run through the DLC.

In this episode we begin in the Firelink Shrine, and battle our way through Valley of Drakes, Darkroot Basin, and Undead Burg, to Undead Parish.

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00:05 - Firelink Shrine
00:52 - New Londo Ruins
01:00 - Valley of Drakes
01:25 - Undead Dragon (+3,000 souls)
Dragon Scale
3:30 - (*Knight's Honor: Astora's Straight Sword 1/49)
(*Knight's Honor: Dragon Crest Shield 2/49)
Soul of a Proud Knight
05:40 - *Level up: INT - 24
06:11 - Darkroot Basin
Black Knight (+1,800 souls)
(*Knight's Honor: Black Knight Halberd 3/49)
Blue Titanite Chunk
07:09 - *Level up: STR - 10
08:00 - Valley of Drakes
09:58 - Humanity x1 (5/30)
12:25 - *Level up: INT - 26
13:56 - Darkroot Basin
14:30 - Crystal Lizard
Twinkling Titanite x 2
Titanite Chunk
16:03 - Havel the Rock (+3,000 souls)
Havel's Ring
19:56 - Undead Burg
20:28 - Crystal Lizard
Twinkling Titanite x 2
Titanite Chunk
20:41 - Taurus Demon (+3,000 souls)
Humanity x 1 (6/30)
Homeward Bone
22:40 - Large Soul of a Lost Undead
22:51 - Solaire of Astora: Yes, Yes
26:43 - Undead Parish
27:08 - *Level up: INT - 30
27:32 - Black Knight (+800 souls)
(*Knight's Honor: Black Knight Shield 4/49)
Titanite Chunk
31:54 - Mystery Key
32:14 - Large Soul of a Lost Undead
33:50 - Basement Key
35:25 - Berenike Knight (+800 souls)
Titanite Shard
36:03 - Fire Keeper Soul
39:05 - Andre of Astora:
Reinforce Halberd +2 (-400 souls)
Note: If you need Titanite Shards, Andre sells them for 800 souls each.
42:34 - *Level up: DEX - 12
43:49 - Titanite Demon (+2,000 souls)
Demon Titanite
44:49 - *Level up: STR - 11

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Outro music by JudezzoY (used with permission). His Channel:

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