Lets Play CK2 AGOT: The Black Dragon Rises | Series Finale "Overlords of Westeros"

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I will claim what is mine, with blood and fire. For I bear the sword of Targaryen kings and eclipse the boy who pretends to be king in King's Landing.

With the death of my father and the legitimization of all his bastards upon his deathbed, I, Daemon Blackfyre, greatest of all the bastards, raise my own standard in rebellion against the weak pretender who currently sits the Iron Throne.

The Lord Paramounts of the realm have grown fat and lazy from gold and persuasion from House Targaryen, but the people know and love their true king, Daemon Blackfyre, the Black Dragon! With their support, my own personal legions and the Valyrian Sword of Kings, I will march on King's Landing, smash the armies of the weak pretenders and create a new dynasty that will eclipse the Targaryens of old and will rule for the next thousand, thousand years!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the first ever Blackfyre Rebellion for the channel! We will follow Daemon Blackfyre's campaign to take the Iron Throne as prophesied by the late king upon his deathbed! With Blood and Fire, we will cast down the Targaryens and create a dynasty that will expand across this world!

Crusader Kings 2 is a real time strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive and the Game of Thrones overhaul was developed by the CK2:AGOT development team. (At least that’s what it says on moddb)

Not sure which YouTuber got me into CKii or AGOT, but regardless, the amount of freedom and replayability that the game offers makes it utterly worthwhile purchasing.

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