INSANELY POWERFUL PVP Mod set up | Charge with Light + High Energy Fire | Destiny 2 Best PVP Builds

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Did Bungie nerf your Powerful Friends mod set up? Well allow me to fill that slot with something better. Introducing: Taking Charge and High Energy Fire. For just the low low price of 7 energy and 2 armor slots you can have the ability to output Empowering Rift levels of Damage INDEFINITELY until you die or get a kill!

We always thought that the Charged with Light stuff was a PVE exclusive but HELL NO! With Taking Charge and High Energy Fire you are able to do some absolutely stupid things in Crucible. This works on all sub classes too! Hunter, Warlock or Titan can take advantage of this. It is highly recommended that you have Masterworked gear but it is far from required

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