Guild Wars 2 - Soulbeast PvP

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Sup guys !!!

On this video you see the soulbeast pvp action with a power build.
The build is pretty effective to one shoot combo people with a chain of attacks.
You can see it as a sniper where you can hunt down targets from the distance but be also pretty deadly in close combat.

Your main roal is to keep the distance and engange only to secure kills.
Keep in mind depending on how you play it you get no stability and you are squishy to high dps professions like reaper/power revenant.

The position you play is like a roamer where you try to find a good target to hunt down.

As you also see in this video I haven't put that much effort but I did this video for you guys to not wait so long for another one love you all!!!

Build is shown in the video!

Thx all for watching hope you enjoyed it !

Server: Flussufer/Riverside (D)
Profession: Soulbeast (PoF)
Name: Traffy D
Division: Noob
PvP Season: X
PvP Rank: Dragon and above 300+

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