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The Elestra is the secondary specialisation class of the Elemental Lord, the other being the Saleana. Elestras chooses the path of ice magic, boosting their damage potential using ice-based skills. Elestras also learn new skills that they can use to protect themselves while rendering enemies vulnerable to their frigid magic. As specialists of ice magic, Elestras are often given offensive support roles in PvE, but they are also difficult to take down in PvP due to their freezing skills.

Never mess with an Elestra for she will preserve you in ice if you do. She can summon gigantic shards of ice spouting from the ground to send her enemies flying up in the air, leaving enemies frozen in her path. Elestra is mainly a support class as she can amplify every party members' damage by stacking her skills to weaken opponents' defence and resistance. Despite being a support, Elestra can also be very deadly in PvP as her ice skills can freeze an opponent, rendering them helpless in trying to escape or to retaliate. Elestra is the basic epitome of a hybrid character.

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