Druid Customization and PvP Power in Shadowlands - Saturday WoW News

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The Shadowlands Alpha has had a big week! Looking at the upcoming ability to customize druid forms independently from humanoid options, class poses on the character creation screen and a datamined 'PvP Power' spell that could indicate big change for PvP gearing in Shadowlands. If you have any questions that you'd like answered on a vlog, include the word 'question' and leave them as comments!

Datamined mount models from Wowhead -

Hi- 0:00
Separate Druid Form Customization in Shadowlands - 0:07
More Mount Models from Alpha - 1:47
Class Poses in Character Creation - 2:14
PvP Power Datamined - 2:41
Opinions on PvE Gear in PvP - 3:25
My Week Camping Assault Rares - 6:22
Why They Disabled Legion Legendary Effects - 7:03
Video Editor Recommendations - 8:42

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