DRAGON QUEST HEROES II - Defeating the Dragonlord

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And on the first try, too. Somehow. Beat him in 3 minutes and 53 seconds and wasn't sure what I was getting into and was learning how to fight him AS I was fighting him, as you can see.
To go straight to the battle, skip ahead to 1:55. Go to 8:44 to see the equipment, Skills, and Party Powers used.
I actually had an Allure Ring on the female protagonist (Teresa, or as I called her "Terra") on accident. That was kind of a funny waste. I DON'T recommend doing that. That was an oversight on my part since I kinda just jumped right into the fight.
And sorry for kinda hanging on choosing my team in the beginning and such. That Dimensional Dungeon feature of choosing your team before going in was new to me, since the update last week did that. lol

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