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Okay, don't get mad at me, but I only just noticed that enhancements for the DQ units are coming next week as I'm uploading this video. x.x I've had a long day! I might have talked about this banner a little differently knowing that enhancements were coming so soon, so take my banner "preview" with a pinch of salt. Hopefully the global exclusive buffs and enhancements are great!

This is also my first banner review, so sorry if I'm a little tongue-tied! Did you like it? I'm happy for feedback on how to improve the next one. :)

I've never played the DQ games, are they good? The units don't really have a lot of appeal to me except Liquid Metal Slime. I won't lie, I'm biased. He's adorable and ridiculous, just like me, so I have to have him! Which units on the banner are you excited about? Is this a hoard week or are you pulling on the banner? Share in the comments!

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