Dragon Nest SEA - Moonlord Manual PVE (Lv 95)

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: I've been for a time planning this "How to Moonlord" in Dragon Nest SEA. I only did it after the 95 cap patch which took too much time to be added on SEA.
This is a dedicated manual explaining and giving some hints about Moonlord Skills and some skills I recommend. Due to my lack of voice, I added texts explaining it as I though It'd be better. If you find any orthography mistakes try to not get mad with me.

At this manual includes the three Class Mastery, Awakening Skills, Moonlord's Main Skills and some extra I recommend you to set. I added also some Skill combinations and a full skill rotation of Moonlord. Also I added an extra battle with Phoenix Lavanok from Vulcano Nest, this fight was the best to show how Moonlord works in battles.

If you're looking for a specific content here's the list where each explanation starts:

00:29 - [Awakened] Moonlight Splitter
01:33 - [Awakened] Cyclone Slash
02:56 - Crescent Cleave
03:57 - Halfmoon Slash
04:57 - [Awakened] Eclipse
06:25 - [Awakened] Provoking Slam
08:23 - Flash Stance
09:23 - Moonblade Dance
10:19 - Smash X
12:11 - Moonblader
13:28 - Impact Wave
14:16 - Class Mastery I, II & III
18:00 - Extra recommendable skills
19:01 - Aerial Combo
19:28 - Brave
19:57 - Parrying
20:23 - Great Wave
21:16 - Some Chaining Skills and Combos
23:33 - Full Skill rotation demo
25:08 - Skill Rotation with Phoenix Lavanok boss

Hope something be useful for your Moonlord.

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