Drag'n' Boom - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 ( ios, Android)

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Drag'n' Boom - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 ( ios, Android)

Hii guys here is my new video of gamepIay Drag'n' Boom - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - (ios, Android) I hope you enjoyed this video and if you like my work in this video so pls make sure you subscribe my channel and like and share this video and thanks for watching this video and we will meet again in another video

Darg'n' Boom

Google Play Store -

About This Game :

Drag'n'Boom is a fun old-school arcade game combining speed and precision!


Play as a rebellious teenage DRAGON and burn everything in your path! Roast the neighboring lords and steal their gold in order to amass the greatest TREASURE ever held by a dragon.

Drag'n'Boom offers you a unique mobile gaming experience. The left side of the screen controls your movement: JUMP, FLY, and CHARGE YOUR PREY. The right side lets you spit fireballs: PILLAGE, BURN, RANSACK… and all in STYLE!

Hoard gold and unlock new powers. Launch your enemies into the air and perform series of combos, moves, and EXPLOSIVE ROUTINES!

• Drag'n'Boom is a fun old-school arcade game combining speed and precision!
• Dive into an imaginary medieval universe full of heroes, echoing the greatest arcade and platform games of all time.
• Unleash your flames in no fewer than 50 levels and a never-ending world!
• The more gold you hoard, the more powerful you become! So what are you waiting for? For it to rain gold!
• Take advantage of these powers to strut your stuff with ever more stylish moves!
• Blow away your friends' scores with devastating combos!
• And don't forget the slow-motion effect, which allows you to shoot with extreme precision.

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