CK2 AGOT: The New Valyrian Empire | Ep1 | "I Am Aurion - I Am Emperor"

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The Doom has come for Valyria and the greatest civilization this world has ever seen has been laid low and torn asunder, forever. Fires so hot, they burned dragons in their wake and melted the beautiful sky cities of the ancient peninsula, but not all was lost. A lone dragon rider, who just by chance happened to find himself abroad during the doom, now looks onto his once noble homeland and sees nothing but a smoldering wasteland. It will take more than the destruction of his home to humble this dragon though.

Aurion, the last of the most noble Dragonlord families, declares himself the New Emperor of the New Valyrian Empire. Astride his adult dragon, Aurion will bring the old subjects of the Empire under a new banner, HIS banner. Although the majority of his subjects will be fire worshippers, they will be taught a new way with new gods. They will bend their knees to the dragons once more! Once Aurion has claimed that which he desires, he must rebuild the mighty Varezys family. Restore his house to the glory it once enjoyed and humble all those who would think to challenge the might of the surviving dragons!!!

CK2 version:
Game of Thrones version:

-Horse Lords
-Rajas of India
-Sunset Invasion
-Monks and Mystics
-Holy Fury
-Sons of Abraham
-Jade Dragon
-The Reaper's Due
-Legacy of Rome
-Customization DLC
-The Old Gods
-Sword of Islam
-The Conclave
-The Republic
-Ruler Designer
-Way of Life

- A Revolutionary Borders mod
- A Game of Thrones - Forged Bloodlines
- Decisive Battles
- Interface: Century Gothic
- Interface: Stellaris Colors
- Rich Childhood
- Your Personal Castle


Crusader Kings 2 is a real time strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive and the Game of Thrones overhaul was developed by the CK2:AGOT development team. (At least that’s what it says on moddb)

Not sure which YouTuber got me into CKii or AGOT, but regardless, the amount of freedom and replayability that the game offers makes it utterly worthwhile purchasing.

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