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Re Born (Reborn)



Akon - Lonely

Diamond Eyes - Everything

TheFatRat, Slaydit & Anjulie - Stronger


Questions and Answers:

Q: Where am I from?
A: Philippines (Asia)

Q: Where from Philippines?
A: Cebu City (Visayas Region)

Q: What Device am I using?
A: Samsung J8

Q: What edditing app do I use?
A: Kinemaster Pro Modded

Q: What recorder do I use?
A: A-Z Recoder

Q: My Gender?
A: Male

Q: When did I start playing ML?
A: December 2016 (Christmas Week)

Q: Who is my idol or reason to play Chou?
A: unXpected

Q: Are my clips rank or classic?
A: Both but mostly rank

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