BUGS Galore, Update Preview, X-Force Counters..., RUMORS, Ironheart and more with Khasino

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It's time once again to discuss all the glorious news of the past week in Marvel Strike Force.
I am once again joined by Khasino and we discuss all the latest, including:

Dark Dimension 3 Finished 00:56
Ebony Maw Issues 02:53
Cull Obsidian Blitz 04:43
Domino Kit Reveal 06:24
Counters? 08:54
Ghost Rider Finally Farmable 10:49
MSF Awards 13:41
X-Force Confirmation 16:59
Phoenix returning 18:13
Best Legendary? 19:46
Falcon Blitz 21:15
Chaos Theory returning 23:14
Ironheart Arrival 26:21
Better Than Vision? 29:25
Ironheart Bugs 32:25
Thousands of Extra Shards? 35:24
List of Bugs 37:40
Bug Fixes coming 44:02
Update Coming Soon 46:08
More Rumors 48:01

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