BLADE OF GOD Walkthrough Chapter 6 BOSS MIasma Dragon

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BLADE OF GOD Walkthrough of Chapter 6. Boss MIasma Dragon Skull.
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Release Date: May, 22 2020
Publisher: PG Soul Gmaes
Official Page:
Official Facebook page:
Offline game.
Size: GB


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Blade of God is an indie hardcore 3D action mobile game.

Honors of BOG:
In 2017, nominated for the Best Indie Game by at TGS 2017.
In 2019, we obtained the development qualification on Nintendo Switch at TGS 2019.

BOG has a multi-camera system to immersive gameplay with a fascinating storyline.
And its battle system includes QTE(Quick Time Event), perfect dodge, throwing, mounting monsters, transformation, spirit summoning, and combos combined by light and heavy attack, which provide an experience just like console gaming.

The game world view is based on Norse Mythology.
You will play as Chaos, a hero who possesses a mysterious bloodline. In order to save your family, you have to make tough choices between sin and punishment, between survival and destruction, and between carnage and redemption.

【Hardcore combat and multi gameplay】
--Combo attacks, counterattack, riding monsters, metamorphosis, perfect dodge, QTE, etc.
--Over 50 scenes with different styles and almost 100 gigantic beasts and Nordic gods. Players can capture the gods' souls and summon their power in battle.

【Dark Nordic mythology and multi-ending】
--The game world includes 3 Realms and 9 countries. The legendary story happens among Odin the Grand Creator, Thor the Lord of Gods, Loki the Fallen One, and Loki’s four Fallen Gods.
--Multi ending relevant your choice: The different choices in the plot will affect the trust of Heim and Esther, it will determine the final ending.

【Dark art style and violence aesthetics】
--The dark art style of Blade of God created a cruel mythology world.
--We pour our inspiration into each character, use the vivid 3D model to represent the character's design, to make a different violent aesthetics.

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