Bag Hunt 2019 - Ore Tycoon 2 | Part 1 (INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH BAG IN DESCRIPTION)

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The game Ore Tycoon 2 by PlantStudios is holding an annual Bag Hunt (similar to the Roblox Egg Hunt). Today we'll try to get all of the bags. Like with the Egg Hunt, I may or may not have to break this up into multiple streams.

#001 - Clam Bag of Baglantis
Go into the ocean on the edge of the map. On one of the corners of the map should be a small coral reef. Go to that reef and the bag should be floating in the middle of it.

#002 - Cracked Magma Bag
The Cracked Magma Bag will randomly drop from the sky (better chance of finding it during one of the hourly bag rains). First you need to find the Bagket O' Water (#017, another random drop from the sky). The Bagket O' Water will give you a bucket when you pick it up. Equip the bucket, then walk up to the Cracked Magma Bag just close enough that the bucket touches the Cracked Magma Bag. This should put the Cracked Magma Bag out, making it safe to touch. Do NOT touch the bag without doing this or you will take damage.

#003 - Industrial Bag
Press the settings button on the left of the screen and turn off the Ore Worth Filter. It may give you the bag immediately or it may take a few minutes. Be patient, it will happen eventually. If you're not sure if it's working, try turning the filter on and off again.

#004 - Toolbox Bag
Find Builder Bob, an NPC standing at the bottom of one of the staircases near the center of the map. He will give you a quest to look for his toolbox. The toolbox will be sitting on a large rock in one of the corners of the map. You will have to do some looking for it. Once you find it, click it to pick it up, then talk to Builder Bob again to get the bag.

#005 - Roblox Bag
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#006 - SKOOL Bag
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#007 - Atomic Bag
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#008 - Baguette
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#009 - Fish in a Bag
Go to one of the corners of the map and talk to the fisherman sitting on the dock. He'll give you a quest to find his fishing rod. Go to the center of the map and search the bottom staircases. The fishing rod will be on the left side of one of the bottom staircases. Click on it to grab it and go back to the fisherman. Talk to the fisherman again to get the bag.

#010 - Adventurers' Bag
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#011 - Gingerbread Bag
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#012 - Jetpack Bag.
This will take a while. Upgrade your base until you get the underground expansion. Buy the underground expansion, then get 1 trillion bucks to buy the Jetpack. Then, search around the map until you find an island floating off in the distance. Use the jetpack to fly to it (it may help to start at the outer edge of the ocean). The bag will be at the top of the tree at the center of the floating island.

#013 - Mechanic Bag
Buy the Mechanical Ore Refiner (the upgrader that you charge by clicking its button). Click the button repeatedly until it says that it is charged for 100 seconds. At the top of the upgrader the bag will materialize. You can tell that it is ready to be grabbed because it will start spinning around.

#014 - Speaker Bag
I have no clue. I think it's a random drop from the sky. I've also heard rumors that there's a speaker hidden in one of the trees on one of the corners of the map, and you have to climb the tree and touch the speaker to get it. I have never seen this speaker, so I cannot confirm that this is true, and I just found it floating around randomly.

#015 - Tycoon Bag
Just keep upgrading your base. After you buy enough items for your base it will give it to you.

#016 - Bag of Duality
This bag has two parts. The first part can be found in the Tycoon World. It will be green and will just appear randomly. Walk up to it to grab it. The other part is in the Overprotective Obby world. Press the Bag Hunt button on the left side of the screen, then click Worlds, then teleport to the Overprotective Obby. This piece will be floating in the acid, so you will have to jump in and die to get it. Once you collect both pieces you will get the bag.

#017 - Bagket O' Water
Randomly drops from the sky. Watch for Bag Rain.

#018 - Old Places Bag
There are three items you have to collect.
1.) A small city replica at the top of the altar at the center of the Tycoon World.
2.) A box in a secret area behind the spawn in the Overprotective Obby (there's a fake wall you have to walk through).
3.) A floating house in a secret area in the obby. Next to the spawn is an invisible pathway that you have to walk on. Follow that pathway into a secret room. Go straight into the room, up to the wall. There will be a thin passageway you will have to squeeze through to your left at the back of the room. Go through it to find the piece.
Once you have all three pieces, you will get the bag.

The rest of the instructions will be in the description in Part 2.

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