Aura and Mare Masscred Hundreds of Soldiers | Overlord III

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Aura and Mare Masscred Hundreds of Soldiers | Overlord III

Overlord III
•Ep 8: A Handful of Hope

Anime (Series)
•Overlord III

Foresight tries to apologize to Ainz for trespassing into Nazarick, but Ainz rebuffs their words, refusing to listen to their excuses and declaring them to be worse than maggots for daring to enter Nazarick as thieves, without permission. The leader of Foresight, Hekkeran tries to bluff and say they received permission from a "large monster", but Ainz sees through the lie, which enrages him further. He initially attacks them with a sword and shield, but while he overwhelms them in strength, their own skill, experience and ability to work as a team, allow them to remain relatively unharmed. Ainz decides he has "played" enough and reveals himself as a magic caster; Arche initially denies his claim until Ainz shows off his true power, which he had concealed during the physical battle. The impact from this reveal shocks Arche to the point where she vomits in sheer terror and Foresight once more attempts to fight back, but fails miserably, with Hekkeran ending up paralyzed. Roberdyck and Imina, tell Arche to flee after Hekkeran falls, in order to go back to her sisters. Once she runs away, they beg Ainz to grant her mercy, and he accepts, but only by telling Shalltear to show Arche the depths of despair and then to kill her painlessly. He then beats Roberdyck and Imina easily. He keeps Roberdyck for mental experiments, while Imina and Hekkeran are given to Gashokukochuuou; a parasitic NPC. Arche attempt to run away from Shalltear, and fails when she discovers that she is actually underground and there is no way out, after which Shalltear reveals her true form and kills her. Mare and Aura later travel to the Baharuth Empire, where they confront Emperor Jircniv for sending the Workers into the tomb and demand that he atone for this crime.

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