Ash Code - 1981 (Official Video)

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Director: Elio De Filippo
Assistant: Jessica Squillante

Original New York 80s clips: Ian Rough
(Take a look to his wonderful channel @Mackenzie Rough )

Band clips in New York: Mark Cage Knight
Mixing and Mastering: Doruk Ozturkcan
Special Thanks to Michele & Alessandra

Taken from '????art Time Punks Session' Live in Los Angeles:

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I've got wounds from dancing tonight
We moved out of breath
Shadows of what we used to be
We are pretending beautifully

It’s 1981

These streets chew us
From first to sixth ave
A dark make-up covers my sight
Fixing every crack inside

It’s 1981
Let’s do it again

Bare trees in a bleak sky
Memories out of tapes
The steps we climbed, totally blind
Are the most precious things I bind

It’s 1981
Let’s do it again

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