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Since her debut in my third Dares video, () I have been receiving requests to give Captain Mary Suzika an official reference! Well, here she is in all of her glory!

Powers: Suzika has color-changing patches of scales that can cause insanity if stared at for too long. She is an animus who can bring back the dead, a future-teller, and a mind reader and the earring in her ear is enchanted to make her invincible and so she won't lose her mind when she uses magic and it is decorated with some Skyfire that she flew up and punched off of the meteor. You may think this skyfire would block her own NighWing powers, but she is too powerful to be affected by it. Her front talons are coated in firescales and can shoot flamesilk, so she used her magic to grow a pair of Scavenger arms located on her neck to pick things up without burning them because she is so kind. She has a set of gills somewhere on her body, but the less you know about that, the better. Her wings are as big and strong as a SkyWing's, topped with rows of HiveWing wings. She has SilkWing antennae that can sense your sins. When she is angry, psychic fire flows from her eyes and she can breathe a rainbow-ray of all the combined breath powers of dragons. Oh, and she has glow-in-the-dark SeaWing scales, a poisonous tail barb, MudWing strength, IceWing spikes, stingers in her ankles, and leafspeak.

Personality: Everyone loves her and she is so pretty and she killed all of the bad queens and she lost her boyfriend Darkstalker, is so sad. :'(

Animated on Firealpaca
Edited on iMovie
Music: He's a Pirate - Hans Zimmer

Instagram: dragonsheepstudiosofficial
DA: DragonsheepStudios:
Discord: Sheepie#7213
Gmail: DragonSheepStudios@


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