All Dark Dragon Ball Team! - Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Online Match

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Sorry for the lack of uploads. I have been very busy with my studies for the last two weeks. But I'm back at making videos again! I also have a few more videos coming up from Budokai 1 before I move on to Budokai 2. We are also so close to 1000 subs, can we do it!?

Cards used in this video:
Frieza(Xeno) Final Form (SH1-51)
Cell(Xeno) Perfect (SH2-SEC)
Dark Demon God Buu(Xeno) Xeno Janemba Abs. (SH6-SEC)
Turles(Xeno) Rampaging (SH4-56)
Janemba(Xeno) Evil Demon (SH5-SEC2)
Lord Slug(Xeno) (SH6-60)
Dark Broly (SH7-SEC2)

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